Domestic and international
transport and shipping solutions
Find out more Express shipping, containers, boxes. Global shipping, by land and by sea
Short- and long-distance
oversize load transport
Insights Service offered to companies transporting goods that exceed the standard legal size and/or weight limits
Transport and lifting
with cranes and mobile cranes
Details Lifting services with cranes and forklifts of different sizes and capacities
Transport of
Dangerous Goods (ADR)
Info ADR transport, including explosives and radioactive substances
Load securing
prior to shipping
Services Handling, load securing and lashing prior to sea or road freight shipping
Cargo Lashing
Find out more Delivery of lashing certificates in compliance with the requirements of specific technical regulations.
Container terminals for
import/export management
Insights Several types of facilities for short-term and long-term storage of the goods ready to be imported/exported
Verified Gross Mass Details To smoothen weighing operations and get the VGM certificate in compliance with Solas requirements Container sale,
hire and repair
Our containers Customised transport and storage solutions
Indoor and outdoor
warehouse storage
Find out more Large indoor and outdoor guarded warehouses for goods storage

GMT has different types of semi-trailers – also for hire – that can meet even the most specific needs

GMT is equipped with large indoor and outdoor guarded warehouses for goods storage and where its vehicles are garaged

GMT offers a wide range of shipping and lifting solutions with cranes, pickup trucks, different types of semi-trailers and forklifts with a capacity ranging from 30 to 80 quintals

GMT Trasporti

Transport, logistics and lifting solutions

GMT, based in Villanova d’Asti, is a trucking company offering third-party logistics services, especially national and international transport of goods in general. GMT can transport all types of goods, including Oversize Loads and hazardous materials, such as Explosives and Radioactive substances. Our qualified and experienced staff can manage and perform all types of loading and unloading operations. The GMT fleet is reliable and versatile, which makes it suitable for any type of transport, as many types of hooks are available to create different combinations. Furthermore, having the satellite technology installed on each of its vehicles GMT can ensure the highest levels of safety. GMT has a large warehouse available to its customers for goods storage, and a large area for garaging vehicles.

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