National and international transport of dangerous goods (ADR)

National and international transport of dangerous goods (ADR)


GMT offers national and international transport of dangerous goods by road (ADR), including  liquid and gaseous chemicals. GMT, with its fleet of homologated and classified vehicles (EXII, EXIII, FL, OX, AT) can meet all your special needs, including transport of explosives and radioactive substances. GMT highly qualified and experienced staff can manage and perform all loading and unloading operations.

Special regulations apply to ADR (Accord Européen des Transport Relatif au Marchandises Dangereuses par Route) transport. Particularly dangerous goods include: flammable liquids, explosives, corrosive substances, radioactive materials, etc.).



The ADR classification assigns hazardous substances to 13 different classes, depending on the intrinsic hazard characteristics of the specific material. 


Class 1     Explosive substances and articles

Class 2     Gases

Class 3     Flammable liquids

Class 4.1  Flammable solids, self-reactive substances, polymerizing substances and solid desensitized explosives

Class 4.2 Substances liable to spontaneous combustion

Class 4.3 Substances which, in contact with water, emit flammable gases

Class 5.1 Oxidizing substances

Class 5.2 Organic peroxides

Class 6.1 Toxic substances

Class 6.2 Infectious substances

Class 7     Radioactive material

Class 8     Corrosive substances

Class 9     Miscellaneous dangerous substances and articles


GMT, supported by its extensive experience and its technological and organisational specialisation, can guarantee ADR transport in compliance with the safety regulations in force.