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A wasted trip is a journey of a means of transport without a load. All unladen trips of a truck...

Solvency is synonymous with commercial reputation. The credit check is aimed at verifying the commercial reputation of a company, eg....

The use of the warehouse depends primarily on the type of storage facility or surface. The warehouse must be equipped...

standardized measure for transport by truck. Each unit corresponds to 1 meter of the longitudinal load capacity of a truck....

the term land transport includes all types of transport carried out on the ground, ie by land. This term means...

special transport includes heavy transport, exceptional transport and urgent transport....

with this type of transport we mean the transport of particularly heavy goods....

freight transport means the transport of goods or goods of any kind by means of transport such as trucks, cars,...

transport of frozen and deep-frozen goods (from the Latin frigor = cold)...

With this type of transport, urgent loads are assigned. Packages or goods must be delivered to the place of destination...